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Marcia Campbell

Marcia Campbell, CZT

Chief Artist

CTZ logo Marcia is our head doodler and a Certified Zentangle Teacher(CZT). She shares her knowledge with the lucky few in the Greater Denver, Colorado area. Marcia's worked in many different art styles over the years, but has really settled in on paper-based media. She loves kittys, cool weather climates, and tears it up in the ballroom. You can email Marcia here.

Nate Jackson

Nate Jackson

Chief Techy

Nate writes software and attempts humor when writing brief bios of himself. He doesn't actually produce any Zentangle inspired tiles, but he really wants to make it easy for his mom to share her stuff with others. He thought he'd let you share your stuff too just in case your kid doesn't know how to make websites and mobile apps. You can email Nate here.

Meow Meow


Chief Meow Meow

Katey also doesn't produce any Zentangle inspired tiles, but this section of the site looked better with 3 photos in it.

Our mission is to make it simple for Zentangle-Inspired artists to share their work with others. We'll supply the tools to share and show your tiles, and then we'll love them too. The site and tools are ours, which we let you use. Your content is always yours. If you have an issue, let us know and we'll do our best to fix it. If you have a great idea for the site or Apps, let us know and we'll add it if we think it makes sharing and loving tiles simple for others.

We'd love to hear about all the things we're doing right and wrong. Email our Chief Techy Nate.

The Zentangle® art form and method was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas and is copyrighted. Zentangle® is a registered trademark of Zentangle, Inc. Learn more at

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